Children & Family Life

English District strives to offer a wide variety of resources to assist congregations in the areas of children's ministry and family life ministry. We are also a link to LCMS Children's Ministry and Family Life Ministry.


From Synod:
This model of Family Ministry incorporates the following areas of focus:
Building the Home: We believe that the home is the primary place where faith is shaped and nurtured in each generation. We want to offer the support and resources needed for families to experience effective spiritual growth within their own households.
Faith Journey: Every local church has a vital role as a caring community in which opportunities can occur for nurturing the faith in individual family members and generating processes for supporting a growing faith in the home setting.
Discipleship: Each member of the Christian family has a unique walk of faith with our Lord Jesus. The overlap of a home centered-church supported faith nurturing process centers on Christ and contributes to a deepening trust in God for individuals of all ages.


Imagine Families Who...

  • walk together in faith, sharing the baptismal journey.
  • make choices informed by their faith.
  • faithfully engage in Christian education, fellowship, worship, stewardship, witness and service.
  • openly share rituals, traditions, values and beliefs.
  • connect their Christian faith to their actions, living and modeling what they confess and proclaim.
  • have marriages founded in Christ where man and woman are committed to their union, dedicating themselves to establishing and nurturing a healthy, Christ-centered life-long relationship.
  • dedicate meaningful time spent with each other individually and collectively.
  • set aside quiet time for Bible study, meditation and prayer.
  • evidence parents who are faithful to their calling to teach and discipline their children in faith.
  • share personal stories of faith with one another and others.
  • faithfully guide children to be positive contributors to the family, the church, the community.
  • practice honor and respect for one another, valuing the contributions of each generation.
  • are served by congregations who value and celebrate the gifts and contributions of all ages.
  • are intentionally supported, nurtured, and embraced by healthy congregations.

Great Family Life and Children's Ministry Resources:

A Great Quote:

“One kid leading another kid to the foot of the cross for a life-changing encounter with Jesus is one of the most prolific and effective means of evangelism in the nation.” – George Barna Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions, Regal Books, 2003